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Compare files in two directories based on filename and size

I recently was copying a large number of files between two disks and wanted to verify that the copy succeeded, and did not miss any files. I first tried a recursive diff, but this was too slow given the number of files to compare, and relatively slow I/O due to one of the disks being attached remotely. What did end up working was using rsync in “dry-run” mode, and telling it to look only at file sizes. rsync -rvn …

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Just Launched: Fat Pipe ABQ

Fat Pipe ABQ is a new incubator/accelerator in Albuquerque for high-tech startups, brought to you by many of the same folks behind The BioScience Center. zByte was pleased to create the website  for Fat Pipe ABQ. By leveraging an existing custom WordPress theme we had used for the Fat Pipe team previously, we we’re able to get the project turned around (and the website launched) in …

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The Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes (We Have A New Website!) image

The Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes (We Have A New Website!)

As is the age-old phrase about the cobbler, we’ve neglected our own website for many years. We’ve just been too busy trying to get our client work out the door! Today we say “No More!”. We needed something that reflects our skill set and showcases some of the work we have been most proud of. With the help of our wonderful friends at Carrristo Creative, we give you our new site! Isn’t it …

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