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Zach Lovelady

Owner, Lead Developer, SEO Consultant

Zach is owner of ZByte Software, and it's lead developer. He spends a lot of his time buried in PHP or Python code, wrangling the internet to do ZByte's clients bidding. The rest of his time he spends consulting with ZByte clients on achiev

Javier Romero image

Javier Romero

VP of Web Development

Javier brings over 14 years of web development and design experience to ZByte. He is a triple-threat for websites, with solid web development skills, a keen eye for design, and project management chops. His technical skill-set includes PHP,

Samantha Narum image

Samantha Narum

Web Developer

Sam is a web developer and graduate from the University of New Mexico. She enjoys creating well-coded websites and applications and brings a full-stack skill set to the zByte table.

Kimberly Keller image

Kimberly Keller

Web Developer

Kimberly is a developer and code wrangler. She enjoys solving problems and making the web a beautiful, functional place. She works in PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. In her spare time she tinkers with new web technologies and raises chickens.

Max Karren image

Max Karren

Web Developer

Max is a web designer and front end developer with a knack for creating clean, modern, and usable interfaces. In his free time, Max likes to travel and explore the outdoors with his lovely wife and silly pooch. His favorite…